12 December,2015

Rockwell Automation là nhà cung cấp nổi tiếng khắp thế giới của Mỹ về thiết bị tự động hóa, bộ điều khiển lập trình PLC, màn hình điều khiển, biến tần (inverter), nút nhấn, relay, timer, bộ điều khiển nhiệt độ, bộ nguồn, motor, động cơ servo, software, giải pháp điều khiển giám sát cho các nghành công nghiệp, bao gồm các nhãn hiệu: Allen Bradley, Anorad, Reliance Electric, Rockwell Software.

Inverter Allen Bradley Man hinh Allen Bradley

Industries & Solutions

Solutions For Your Industry

Your industry has unique challenges. Our focus on automation means we are distinctly qualified to provide solutions to address those challenges.

When you work with us, you engage a team of experts who have streamlined processes in a vast range of industries around the world. From the plant floor to top management, we have improved processes throughout every stage of the manufacturing cycle. And we can do the same for you.

How? Through industry solutions that help you meet the critical need of integrating your factory from beginning to end, bridging islands of automation and carrying information throughout your plant — information that is essential to making better decisions and ultimately, increasing your profitability.

Extend Your Performance Gains

Industry knowledge and experience means we can provide you with the right solution at the right time. You can extend your performance gains across your business with Integrated Architecture, the only integrated control and information platform that runs discrete, motion, drives, process and safety control, assuring the different automation technologies work together.  

1. Allen Bradley

- Circuit & Load Protection

- Computers & Operator Interface

- Connection Devices

- Drives & Motors

- Energy Monitoring

- Input/Output (I/O)

- Lighting Control

- Motion Control

- Motor Control

- Networks & Communications

- Power Supplies

- Programmable Controllers

- Push Buttons & Signaling Devices

- Relays & Timers

- Sensors & Switches

- Signal Conditioners

2. Anorad

- General Information

- Precision Gantry Systems

- High Prescision Positioning Stages

- Engineering to Order (ETO) Systems

- Ironcore and Ironless Linear Servo Motors

- Motion Control and Drives Solutions

- Industry Solutions

3. Reliance Electric

- General Information

- Common Platform AC Drives

- Legacy AC/DC Drives

- Drive Software

4. Rockwell Software

- General Information

- Asset Management

- Data Management

- Design & Configuration

- FactoryTalk Services Platform

- Performance & Visibility

- Production Management

- Quality & Compliance

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