18 December,2015

Novaris là thương hiệu hàng đầu của Úc chuyên về thiết bị chống sét lan truyền, thiết bị cắt lọc sét cho đường dây, tổng đài, hệ LAN & CCTV. Dãy sản phẩm bao gồm như sau:


cat loc set lan truyen novaris

Surge Diverters 

- All Novaris surge diverters with initial product code SD employ metal oxide varistor (MOV) voltage limiting components. These can be used for main switchboard primary protection, distribution board and final circuit protection.  

Series Surge Protectors

- Engineered to provide excellent performance and economical protection.  Ideal choice for space restricted applications. 

Surge Filters

- The Novaris range of surge filters is extensive: from 2A DIN rail mount units designed to protect sensitive PLCs and process equipment; plug in units for final circuit outlets; to 2000A per phase filters designed to protect major data centres. 

Spark Gaps 

- Ideal for point of entry protection for installations with highly exposed overhead LV power lines with no transformer. 

Process Control 

- Novaris process control SPDs contain a combination of voltage switching components comprising gas discharge tubes, series impedances and voltage limiting components comprising MOVs and suppressor diodes. 


- All of our LAN & CCTV products have been designed specifically for their application to ensure your organisation is protected. 


- Novaris manufacturers two types of RF coaxial protection. 

- Those containing a gas discharge tube (GDT) are suitable for a wide frequency range but must be chosen carefully taking into account the power on the line if used for a transmitting application. 

- Quarter wave stub protectors offer exceptionally low let through voltages but are frequency sensitive. 


- Our range of protection designed for telecommunications in highly exposed areas, twisted pair operations and RJ12 & RJ45 connections. 

Special Products

- We provide transient surge counters, alarm monitors and earthing clamps for specific purposes. 

Intrinsically Safe

Signal Line Protection

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