18 December,2015

Kim thu sét chủ động phóng tia tiên đạo sớm Schirtec. Xuất xứ: Áo

kim thu set schirtec

Short Facts about SCHIRTEC AG:

- Headquarters is in Vienna, Austria

- Line of business - Lightning Protection systems

- Export to over 30 countries worldwide

- Legal form joint-stock company since 2008

SCHIRTEC AG is headquartered in Vienna, Austria and is specialized in active Lightning Protection, Surge Protection and Earthing Systems. In 2008 SCHIRTEC AG changed the legal form to a joint-stock company.

Line of Business

We produce active lightning conductors E.S.E. and Lightning Protection Accessories, developed with the newest available technology. Our product line allows an efficient protection of all endangered and vulnerable objects (single houses, hospitals, schools, logistic centers, telecommunication towers, football fields, golf fields, etc.)

International Markets

SCHIRTEC AG is distributing its products internationally and is represented in over 30 countries. We are always zealous to find new markets and expand our business.


Our products are tested in various international accredited laboratories for its quality and efficiency. To have a guarantee for our high Quality Standards we have implemented checks and tests into each individual step of the production process.  All of our products are conform with European Standards.

The Quality Management System and the Environmental Management System

of SCHIRTEC AG are certified with  ISO 9001:2008 andISO 14001:2004

1. SCHIRTEC E.S.E.Lightning Conductors  

2. Accessories

3. Surge Protection Devices                 

4. Other Products

Tham khảo tài liệu kỹ thuật tại đây: 

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