21 December,2015

Thiết bị điện, phụ kiện Yong Sung. Xuất xứ: Hàn Quốc

thiet bi phu kien dienYongsung

Electronics & Electronical Part

1. Cam Switch

* Developed for nuclear Power Plant with Various Circuit Formation which is key part of Cam Switch, can be perfectly applied to all kinds of devices. * Key part of Cam Switch can be perfectly applied to all kinds of devices. * Qualified and Certified...

2. Control Switch

* Manufacture the product according to the various attachment dimention. * Easy to use, since contact part is separated from holder part(16mm & 22mm series) * Checking the operating state in auditory, since the contact parties consist of plate spring...

3. Limit Switch

* Very solid design with high mechanical strength, heat resistance and waterproof by using of high strength aluminum die-casting material. * Various type of Roller, Lever, and Push Type etc. and easy maintenance of operation verifiable lamp types. * ...

4. Relay

* Obtained CCC Certificate issued by China Government * Qualified and Certified by UL(UL FILE NO : E200434) * Minimize the contact resistance because of ag contact * It is involved LED to verify operation 

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